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Straight from the Innkeeper's Mouth...

Read on to hear what our innkeepers have been up to this winter to prepare for spring…

It's been a cold and blustery winter in the Pacific and Rocky Mountain West, and every property has seen its fair share of rain, sleet, snow–or all of the above. But we don’t let that get us down! While many of our guests have been bundled up tight–hitting the slopes, or enjoying other winter activities–our mighty Innkeepers and development team have been busy at work.

As the sun peaks through and the ground begins to thaw, it will be fair-weather-road-trip-days before you know it. To celebrate the return of vitamin D and good times for all, we’re offering you a special discount for bookings locked in before the end of March. To get that Spring discount, (and future offers) make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

We’re so excited to share what we’ve been working on to ensure your stay will be better than ever! And what better way to keep you in the loop, than straight from the Innkeeper's mouth…

COTTONWOOD CAMP | Fort Smith, Montana

There were quite a few transitions this past season. Fishing adapted to the seasonal change in the area–but we continued to enjoy regular drifts down to Bighorn and Mallards, as the sport had been even better (and will continue to be) this year. Anglers and hunters from all over stopped by Cottonwood Camp to rest their heads and gear up for some big sporting action.

Outside of big fun on the Bighorn, we’ve been heavy in renovations and updates. But outside of developing the property, Cottonwood Camp has also been building relationships. Sgt. Jacoby of Cottonwood Camp, (our commanding Innkeeper), was honored to sit at the table this Winter with the Crow counsel.

"I had the privilege of accompanying the Crow counsel on a buffalo hunt. Corporal Percy and I were able to get a buffalo with the council's blessing and we donated a good portion of meat to the local church in Hardin to be distributed to kids/families in need."

-Innkeeper, Sgt. Chad Jacoby

The importance of relationships goes beyond just guests; it’s sitting with your local community. We are honored. Cottonwood Camp was proud to keep with the theme of giving, in their participation in Toys for Tots; which is to be a new tradition for the Camp and JET. Outside of relationship building and giving? We’ve ACTUALLY been building.

Cottonwood Camp officially has glamping tents for spring and summer! We can hardly wait to open them up in the coming weeks for spring fishermen! It’s a cozy stay in the great outdoors, with lots of space, no hassle or set-up mess. And don’t forget–all your stays come with a generous space for boat parking or storage, large vehicles, and trailers.

PACIFIC DUNES RESORT | Copalis Beach, Washington

Get away to salty seas and sandy dunes on the Washington Coast, where glamping and clamming reign supreme. Pacific Dunes Resort, on the Olympic Peninsula, beckons you to come to stay! As winter passes, and spring rushes in–it’s still the perfect time for a stormy beach weekend. (A little romance anyone?)

After wrapping up another successful razor clamming season, Pacific Dunes is getting ready for peak spring and summer travel. (Where everyone from Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and beyond comes rushing to the sea for some welcome relaxation.) With the addition of brand new glamping tents and a tiny home village this past year too–it's perfect for groups and large excursions.

Pacific Dunes Innkeepers have been going hard to add even more magic out at the dunes as well. Have you been saying, "I love the Dunes–but if there was just coffee onsite..." or, "Boy, a central check-in and hang would be sweet!". Next month will wrap up the conclusion of a huge addition. The conversion of the ‘Ole’ Clamming Shack’ to a new mercantile, lobby, and coffee bar! (Did we mention there will be coffee?) The space will feature shoppable items and space to relax and check in for your stay. Wavy man,


Sitting on a generous 5.5 acres in the charming Teton Valley, of Idaho, (less than an hour away from Jackson Hole, Wyoming), is Teton Peaks Resort. It’s a central hub for all things outdoors in central America–fall, winter, spring, and summer. Our property is near some of the country’s greatest sites for spring and summer activity–Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton National Park, and more.

As the temps dropped this winter, guests have flocked to enjoy all sorts of winter sports; snowmobiling, snowshoeing, Nordic and cross-country skiing, as well as downhill skiing and of course–ripping powder a la snowboard. Far out dude. The temps vary greatly in the valley, frequently getting down into the chilly 20s. But that doesn’t stop powder chasers from some of the best mountain experiences in the West.

It also doesn’t stop our hard-working Innkeepers. While the guests have been at play, Tory and Josh have been chipping away at winterization projects before peak park and travel season hits the valley. With help from their fellow Innkeepers from Sacajawea Inn, they wrapped corrugated steel sliding on the back of the buildings and skirted all the tiny homes for the winter. (This means they are set and ready for spring/summer.)

We’re also delighted to debut a brand new remodel of the bathhouse for all our RV goers and Glampers. Fresh paint, new showers, and updated floors will pack a major difference for guests this coming season. Have you seen the mural??? We can’t wait for you to experience it in person. (Kudos to Tory–Innkeeper, and artist.)